Tab Bar icons for iPhone, iPad, iOS

Developer Icons for iOS

Developer Icons for iOS is a set of 150 Tab Bar and Toolbar button icons for use in your next iPhone or iPad project. With icons for medical, publishing, sports, games and many other topics, this set will help you rapidly develop interfaces for a wide variety of apps.

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What you get

150 icons in 3 styles (Tab Bar, Toolbar, Vector) and 2 sizes (Legacy, Retina) … 750 total images!

Tab Bar

150 compelling icons for the Tab Bar, used to access the principal internal views and features of your app. Each icon comes in two sizes, for use on high resolution Retina displays as well as legacy iOS devices. See the image above for examples.


Icons perfectly sized for Toolbar controllers. The Toolbar icons contain the same glyphs as their Tab Bar counterparts, but differ in sizing. Toolbar icons are smaller and have less padding, allowing them to fit into the smaller dimensions of the Toolbar control. See below.


All icons in the set are also provided in the vector .svg format. Vector icons can be scaled to any size with fidelity. Edit or combine the vector files in order to produce your own custom designs, or repurpose them for use in print, web, and other marketing collateral.

demo icon

Ready for Retina

The new iPad and iPhones come with stunning high resolution Retina displays. These high pixel-density screens require icons at twice the resolution of legacy iOS devices. The iOS Deleoper Icons set includes the icon sizes you need to keep your app up-to-date. Download the demo icon to see for your self.

Toolbar icons for iPhone, iPad, iOS

The distinctive coloring, gradients and highlight effects of iOS Tab Bar and Toolbar icons are generated automatically by the iOS operating system at runtime. Image files included in this icon set are solid black.

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